Frequently Asked Questions


Common Questions & Answers:

What does a Moving Help Service Provider(s) do?
A Moving Help Service Provider(s) assists customers with general services related to moving such as, loading and unloading rental trucks, packing and unpacking boxes, rental truck driving and cleaning services.
Who do I work for?
By becoming a Moving Help Service Provider(s), you are starting your own business. Moving Help is a neutral venue and a marketplace for independent buyers and sellers of moving related services. You are the Boss! For more clarification, please read the Moving Help Service Provider(s) Agreement.
Why do you need my Social Security number?
Moving Help uses your Social Security number only to validate your identity. The number is not used to report tax information to any government agency.
Is this a lead generator service or brokerage?
NO! We deliver real work and guaranteed payment. All you have to do is complete the job
What are my hours?
You determine the hours. You select the dates and times you are available!
What is the pay/rate? How do I get paid?
Moving Help Service Provider(s) set their own pay!  You can charge specific rates for each different service you offer.  You can choose how you want to receive your cash - direct deposit into your checking or savings account, or instant payments to a Global Cash Card pay card (United States only).  Moving Help Service Provider(s) in Canada can receive payments through a PayPal account.
What about taxes?
Tax reporting is your sole responsibility. You are not an employee or a contractor of Moving Help. You will not receive a 1099 or any other material documenting your earnings from the Moving Help marketplace.
Application costs / Fees
What does it cost to be a Moving Help Service Provider(s)?
It’s free to join with no monthly fees. Moving Help charges a flat 15% marketplace fee when a transaction is completed. The marketplace fee is calculated as 15% of the total amount charged to the customer's credit card and is deducted from the amount paid to the Moving Help Service Provider(s).
Account Access
Why can’t I log into my account
If your application has not been approved or you have not attended the Moving Help Service Provider(s) Basic Training course you will not have access to your account.