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Tell Us About Yourself

In order to ensure security to the customer, we authenticate all our Moving Help® Service Providers. Your Social Security number along with other information you provide will be used to verify your identity. This information will not be used to access your credit or any other type of information.

Is your mailing address same as your physical address?
Are you willing to be subject to a background check?

Tell Us About Your Business

The name of your business and the description you provide will be visible to customers when they are choosing a Moving Help® Service Provider. In your description, be sure to focus traits that customers like to see such as reliablity, safety, affordability and service.

(This description will show up for customers on the Moving Help® website)
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Do you already own a business?
Do you have a Website?
Are you listed on other similar moving labor websites?
Do you currently own or represent a full service moving company?
Do you own dollies/pads for the purpose of moving customers?
Are you Insured?
Do you own a moving truck?
Are you a licensed moving company?
Do you already own a Moving Help® Profile?
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How Can We Contact You?

We highly recommend that you provide both an alternative email address and phone number. We will email both accounts when you have new work requests and other time-sensitive communications. You will use your primary email address and password to login to your Moving Help® Service Provider account, once we have approved your access.